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Nano resin

The particle size of Nano resin is much smaller than that of traditional epoxy. It has great penetrability and is able to penetrate into cracks and fissures of stone. It is harden by exposure to the UV radiation in a short time. It is suitable for stone surface processing and netting reinforcement on the bottom.

Application procedure

Stir the nano resin evenly and apply to the slab surface either manually or by automatic resin machine. Expose the slab to the UV radiation to harden the resin. After 50mins curing time (subject to conveyor length and speed), the polishing process can be carried out immediately. It takes around 4 hours to turn an unpolished slab to a polished slab on average.

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Advantages-To stone

  1. Increase hardness and scratch resistance
  2. Enhance beauty and shine
  3. Improve water repellence and easy-clean feature
  4. Strengthen durability and weather resistance

Advantages-To manufacturer

  1. Less yellowish. Increase quality and selling points
  2. Easy to manage production capacity and quality consistency
  3. Free from disturbance by weather conditions
  4. Less harm to operator than conventional epoxy
  5. Continuous production process and no semi-finished product in process
  6. Raise output rate and reduce hanging time of stone

Stone Test Report

After the nano resin treatment, the surface hardness, water repellence and water contact angle change as shown in test report hereunder.

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